Construction Services

We are multi-role developers, construction managers, property managers
and owner/leasers of distinctive properties.

AZOLA is Maryland’s leader in construction services for restoring, upgrading and reconfiguring existing buildings.  The company is known for its creative vision and meticulous standards for construction and sustainable use.


How do our multiple roles give an advantage to AZOLA construction services?

  • As building owners ourselves, we approach every construction project as an owner would.  We plan and execute for an end-result we’d want: excellent comfort, function and sustainability.
  • As developers, we seek the best approaches for the investment.  Accountability for every dollar spent is second nature.
  • As property managers and leasers, we experience buildings in full, not just from our personal perspectives, but from myriad perspectives of tenants over many, many years.

In addition to understanding a project from all angles, we are driven by the integrity of our legacy and brand.  After all, it is our family name. AZOLA.