About Us

Good news for companies who don’t do cookie-cutter. Neither do we.

Renowned for over forty years, AZOLA is Maryland’s source for the finest construction services, sustainable building development, adaptive reuse, exciting properties for lease, and expert diagnostics for distinctive, high-function and green workplaces.


This anti-ordinary streak is in our blood.

It all began in 1966, when Joseph Azola brought his extensive, worldwide construction experience into remodeling in Maryland and became increasingly involved with historic properties.  Joseph’s son Martin P. Azola (Marty) joined the company in 1973 and developed particular expertise as numerous prestigious – institutions placed their cherished historic buildings in the company’s hands.  As the early innovator in the industry of historic redevelopment, Marty led the company’s work and the industry on an entwined path.

The industry is now known as “adaptive reuse” broadening to include existing – but not necessarily historic – properties and unprecedented purposes. Building on its passion and experience, AZOLA has challenged itself and transformed the industry.  The result: diverse new uses and sharper disciplines for functionality, financial practicality and sustainability.

The company has ensured continued dominance in the industry through the expanded leadership of Marty’s son, Tony Azola, who joined AZOLA in 2002 and is now president of the organization.  Tony is building on the company’s legacy to adhere to high standards and advance them.

Marty, as CEO, and Tony as president have formed a leadership alliance, identifying and applying their individual strengths for an extraordinary, successful collaboration.  The duo is moving adaptive reuse forward once again.  This is good news for companies seeking exciting urban spaces that are modern, hip and historic.  Contemporary needs are leading to a greater variety of buildings, configurations and workplace identities. “Many interesting structures, be they 100 years old or 20, have the potential to be very cool workplaces,” notes Tony Azola.  “And that will always be the root of what we are about.”